Antera Dental Turkey
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Where can i stay?

Prior to the patients appointment we book the hotel which is located right next to the sea and at the center of Lara, Antalya and do not charge extra for the accommodation.

How long do i need to travel for?

Most cosmetic treatments can be completed within in a week, Implants can be placed 2-3 day visit, In some cases if you are planning cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers or crowns and you are travelling for less time we can fast track your treatment at the laboratory and complete the treatment in 4-5 days. The other treatments such as Teeth whitening, Root canal treatment, Fillings can be completed in one appointment.

How much i can save?

On average, Patients are expected to save up to %60-70 on dental treatments compared to current prices in UK and Ireland.

Why are dental costs so much lower in Turkey?

There is a huge difference of dental treatment costs between European countries and Turkey, The main cause is that labor costs in Turkey are much lower than many other European Countries, But it does not reflect the quality of the dental treatment you are getting, you can get a high quality care in an internationally qualified clinic with competitive prices.

What about the language barrier

You will have an interpreter who will accompany you at the treatment and assist you during your stay.

What is a smile makeover? How long do i need to stay

Smile makeover is a process to improve the appereance of your smile with full restoration it usually takes 5-6 days to complete the treatment.

Are your dentists qualified?

All of our dentists are members of the TDA (Turkish Dental Association) which is equilivant to the British Dental Association.There are some other credentials In the below